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Hi, I am Monica Oldenburg, the owner of Bohisha Arts & Crafts. 
I was born in the Hague (1963), I have lived in Amsterdam for the greater part of my life and have been living in Almere since 2011.

I have a Cottage Industry where I make jewellery, home decor, dreads and wall art. I’m a hippie dread head, and my work has a boho, shabby chic feel to it. Bo-hi-sha. :-)

I’m a bilingual linguist, a practical dreamer, a globetrotting homebody. 

I am a tired optimist, an individualist who wants to  belong. 

Soulmate of Jan Ronald Crans.

I believe in Good Karma and making the world a happier place in my own small way. 

On the right you see some links to my shops and other sites. 

Love & light!


[email protected]
KVK: 512286111
BTW: (NL) 182268111B01